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Welcome to China building hoist & suspended platform & mast climbing work platform manufacture base

Wuxi Huake Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi Xidong New City----Wuxi Machinery Equipment Industrial Park. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of hanging baskets, lifts and lifting platforms. It is China's export basket production base. It is one of the drafting units of the new Chinese national standard GBT19155-2017. The company always adheres to the development concept of “technology is the main productive force”; follows the innovative concept of “development is the last word”; firmly believes that the production of the factory is not only the business philosophy of quality and integrity, but also the import of high precision. Processing, testing equipment and high-tech talents, and long-term cooperation and technical exchanges with many well-known universities and overseas counterparts in technology research and development. In recent years, our company's two products, lifts and baskets, have made breakthroughs in technological innovation, applying for nearly 200 patents, including more than 30 invention patents. 2012 Social Development Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology Mr. Chang Ma Yanhe and the leaders of Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau visited our company for guidance. In August 2013, experts and scholars from the Development Research Center of the State Council brought provincial and municipal leaders to our company for on-site inspection, research and guidance, and affirmed the development of our company. It has made valuable suggestions for the company's future development and pointed out the direction for the future development of our company.

Wuxi Huake Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the Chinese manufacturers of baskets and lifts. The annual production capacity of baskets can reach 20,000 units; the annual production capacity of elevators can reach 1000 units; and the lifting platform can reach 1000 units. The Huake basket is currently in the domestic industry with a full range of models, more varieties and more widely used. The products are almost everywhere in the high-altitude field. The main models are: ZLP150, ZLP300, ZLP500, ZLP630, ZLP800, ZLP1000, etc. The length of the working platform of the basket can reach 15 meters (voltage: DC 24v; single phase 110V, 220V; three-phase 220V, 380V, 415V, 440V, 480v , 690v). Uses such as: special hanging basket for high-rise elevator shaft installation; granary, coal mine security explosion-proof hanging basket; high-rise building tower crane driver special hanging basket; shipbuilding industry welding and decoration hanging basket; large tank power plant chimney, boiler maintenance and maintenance crane Baskets; baskets for dam and bridge reinforcement repair and inspection; DC power baskets for testing of wind power equipment, high-voltage lines and towers, and hanging baskets for exterior wall decoration: exterior wall plastering, insulation, coating, curtain wall glass installation, Cleaning, marble hanging, etc. In recent years, the SC series of variable frequency construction elevators developed and produced by our company can reach a maximum lifting speed of 96m/min. For example: SC200 and SC200/200 elevators for exterior wall decoration, high speed and stable, high efficiency SC200/200GZ, SC200/200G frequency conversion Speed ??construction lift; lifting platform has obtained EU CE certification, the maximum length of the double column platform can reach 36 meters, and the maximum load capacity can reach 5 tons. All the products of the company are of high quality, low noise, large capacity and beautiful appearance, which are favored by users at home and abroad.

Based on excellent production technology and scientific management methods, Huake has established a strict quality inspection system. From raw materials to the whole factory, all the processes have professional and technical personnel to check, strictly select and strictly eliminate Qualified products are exported to the market, and the electrical components and important mechanical components of the products are all made of reliable European products to ensure the quality and safety of the products. Looking forward to the future, Huake is willing to cooperate with colleagues in the industry to jointly depict the new historical scrolls of Chinese private enterprises and join hands in creating a brilliant future for the national industry.

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