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Welcome to China building hoist & suspended platform & mast climbing work platform manufacture base
Lifting suspending Mechanism



Type ZLP Series High Operation Suspending Mechanism
Lifting suspending Mechanism
The height of the gondola can be adjusted within 1300-1800mm with arm which can be stretched out and drawn back. It can be widely used parapet and complicated building in different height. And we can also supply customized platform to meet different requirement from the customers.
Rated Stretch of the front beam: 1500mm
Rated suspending load:8KN*2
The distance between suspending beam and the ground: 1300-1800mm
The max distance between front support and the rear one:4600mm

Our company in addition to provide in general use hang organization, can be applicable to special house noodles to hang organization according to various house structure design( as follows diagram)

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