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(Ⅰ)Suspended platform
 Structure drawing
 Lifting suspending Mechanism
 Working Platform
 Special working Platform
 Electric control cabine
 Platform-new hoist
 Safety rope、Fall arrester
 special-purpose steel
 Load-limitted device
 Cable threads
(Ⅱ)Building Hoist
 Frequency Conversion Building Hoist
 Twin mast building hoist
 Normal Building Hoist
(Ⅲ)Mast climbing work platform
 Mast climbing work platform
Welcome to China building hoist & suspended platform & mast climbing work platform manufacture base
Working Platform
ZLP800 steel platform,the length is 7.5m
Technical Parameters
Mode no. ZLP800
Rated Load 800kg
Lifting Speed 8m/min
length of the suspending platform it can be adjusted within 1m-7.5m
Dimension of the  platform 2500mm×3×1800mm
Weight of the platform 535kg
ZLP630 steel platform,the length is 6m
Technical Parameters
Mode no. ZLP630
Rated Load 630kg
Lifting Speed 9.6m/min
length of the suspending platform it can be adjusted within 1m-6m
Dimension of the platform 2000mm×3×1180mm
Weight of the platform 358kg
ZLP800 Hot Zinc-Plated Platform
ZLP800 Hot Zinc-Plated Platform
ZLP300 Aluminum Alloy Suspended Platform
The suspended platform with the load-limitted device and rope received device

single platform

ZLP630 steel platform
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