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(Ⅰ)Suspended platform
 Structure drawing
 Lifting suspending Mechanism
 Working Platform
 Special working Platform
 Electric control cabine
 Platform-new hoist
 Safety rope、Fall arrester
 special-purpose steel
 Load-limitted device
 Cable threads
(Ⅱ)Building Hoist
 Frequency Conversion Building Hoist
 Twin mast building hoist
 Normal Building Hoist
(Ⅲ)Mast climbing work platform
 Mast climbing work platform
Welcome to China building hoist & suspended platform & mast climbing work platform manufacture base
Special working Platform

ZLP300 working platform
ZLP630 working platform

The platform used for the American market
Bridge maintenance suspended platform, the max length is 32m
circle suspended platform(The size of the circle can adjust)
ZLP800 double rack Alumnium alloy suspending platform
Customerized platform
U suspended platform
90°assembly suspended platform
135° Assembly
120° Assembly
non-standard suspended platform
non-standard suspended platform
90° Assembly
Double rack assembly
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