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Inspection And Definition Of Work At Height Before Use Of Basket
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    High Altitude Work Basket Is Also An Important Learning Object For All Of Us, Because It Is Not Only A Kind Of Basket, But Also A Website Product And Key Words, So It Has The Above Requirements, And For All Of Us, It Should Be Taken Seriously And Carried Out, So As To Ensure A Good Learning Effect, And Then, To Use It Correctly And Make A Reasonable Profit Use This Kind Of Basket.   &1. Can The Basket For Aerial Work Be Used For Aerial Work? What Is The Definition Of Working At Height? &The Basket For Aerial Work Can Be Used For Aerial Work, And It Can Be Carried Out Smoothly Without Any Problem. In Terms Of The Definition Of High-altitude Operation, Generally Speaking, According To The Safety Construction Code Of Construction Engineering, The Operation With A Height Of More Than Two Meters Is High-altitude Operation, And The Use Height Of The Basket Is Far More Than Two Meters.   &Do You Want To Carry Out Some Inspection Before Using The Work Basket? &Before Using The Basket For Aerial Work, Some Testing Work Is Needed, Which Is As Follows:   &Nbsp; & Nbsp; Test The Load Of The Basket To Check Whether Each Component Of The Basket Can Be Used Safely And Reliably; Check The Safety Lock And Other Safety Components Of The Basket To See If There Is Any Abnormality Or Problem. If There Is Any, It Should Be Handled And Solved Immediately, And It Can't Be Allowed To Work With Diseases. In Addition, After The Above Problems Are Not Found, The Overload Test Shall Be Carried Out To Check Whether There Are Unsafe Factors In The Process Of The Basket, And If So, The Test Shall Be Stopped In Time And Eliminated In Time.   &3. What Is The Special High-altitude Work Basket For Crane? In Addition, Is The Pre Use Inspection Important? &In Fact, It Is A Kind Of High-altitude Work Basket, But This Kind Of Basket Can Not Only Lift Heavy Objects, But Also Carry People. The Utility Model Has The Advantages Of Large Operation Range, Convenient Installation, Simple Use And Good Use Stability. Moreover, The Work Basket Is Installed On The Crane.   &The Inspection Before The Use Of The Basket For Aerial Work Is A Very Important Work, Which Can Not Be A Little Sloppy And Lax, Because It Is Related To The Normal Use Of The Basket And Whether It Is Safe And Reliable, As Well As Its Service Life. In Addition, If Problems Are Found During The Inspection, They Shall Be Solved In Time Instead Of Using The Basket.
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