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Application Knowledge And Installation Requirements Of Basket
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The Adjustable Support Height Of The Adjustable Suspension Bracket Of The Hanging Basket Shall Make The Lower Side Of The Front Beam Slightly Higher Than The Height Of Other Obstacles. If Possible, After The Positioning Of The Suspension Mechanism, The Lower Side Of The Extension End Of The Front Beam Shall Be Fixed With A Cushion Block Between The Parapet Wall. The Rated Adjustment Range Of The Overhanging Length Of The Front Beam Extension End Of The Basket Is 0.3-1.5m, And The Distance Between The Front And Back Seats Shall Be Adjusted To A Large Distance As Far As Possible Under The Allowable Conditions Of The Site. The Distance Between The Two Supports Shall Be Adjusted To The Distance Between The Overhanging Ends Of The Front Beam Which Is 3-5cm Shorter Than The Length Of The Suspension Platform. When The Basket Needs To Be Tensioned To Strengthen The Steel Wire Rope, The Front Beam Should Be Slightly Upwarped By 3 ~ 5cm To Produce Prestress And Improve The Steel Degree Of The Front Beam. When The Steel Wire Rope Is Clamped, The Number Of Rope Clamps Shall Not Be Less Than 3, And The U-shaped Opening Shall Be Opposite To The End Of The Steel Wire Rope With The Same Direction. The Rope Clamp Shall Be Clamped Successively From The Hoisting Point, And The Steel Wire Rope Shall Be Slightly Arched Between One Rope Clamp And The Previous One. When The Rope Clamp Nut Is Tightened, The Wire Rope Clamp Shall Be Flat To 1 / 2 ~ 1 / 3 Diameter. When Hanging The Steel Wire Rope, The Hanging Basket Shall Directly Place The Steel Wire Rope Free Disc On The Floor, Effectively Pull Out The Rope Head Carefully And Slide It Down Along The Front Slowly. It Is Forbidden To Throw The Steel Wire Rope Into A Disc And Down. After The Steel Wire Rope Is Put Out, The Tangled Rope Shall Be Carefully Separated And Pressed, And The Redundant Steel Wire Rope On The Ground Shall Be Carefully Coiled And Tied, And Shall Not Be Placed On The Ground Randomly. Common Sense Of Basket Application The Hanging Basket Mechanism Is Generally Divided Into The Following Two Types: Cantilever Type And Parapet Clamp Type. The Surface Of All Structural Parts Of The Linkage Is Hot-dip Galvanized, With Long Service Life, Safety And Reliability, And Convenient Maintenance. Special Design And Manufacture Can Meet Your Special Requirements. Cantilever Type Linkage: 1. It Is Applicable To All Hanging Baskets And Roof Structures, And The Back Pressing Counterweight; 2. The Back Hanging Design Of The Steel Wire Rope Improves The Cantilever Stress Condition, And The Steel Wire Rope Is Convenient And Safe To Put In And Out; 3. Height Adjustable, Cantilever Extension Adjustable: 700mm ~ 1500mm.
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