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(Ⅰ)Suspended platform
 Structure drawing
 Lifting suspending Mechanism
 Working Platform
 Special working Platform
 Electric control cabine
 Platform-new hoist
 Safety rope、Fall arrester
 special-purpose steel
 Load-limitted device
 Cable threads
(Ⅱ)Building Hoist
 Frequency Conversion Building Hoist
 Twin mast building hoist
 Normal Building Hoist
(Ⅲ)Mast climbing work platform
 Mast climbing work platform
  (Ⅰ)Suspended platform
Structure drawing

Lifting suspending Mechanism



Type ZLP Series High Operation Suspending Mechanism
Lifting suspending Mechanism
The height of the gondola can be adjusted within 1300-1800mm with arm which can be stretched out and drawn back. It can be widely used parapet and complicated building in different height. And we can also supply customized platform to meet different requirement from the customers.
Rated Stretch of the front beam: 1500mm
Rated suspending load:8KN*2
The distance between suspending beam and the ground: 1300-1800mm
The max distance between front support and the rear one:4600mm

Our company in addition to provide in general use hang organization, can be applicable to special house noodles to hang organization according to various house structure design( as follows diagram)

Working Platform
ZLP800 steel platform,the length is 7.5m
Technical Parameters
Mode no. ZLP800
Rated Load 800kg
Lifting Speed 8m/min
length of the suspending platform it can be adjusted within 1m-7.5m
Dimension of the  platform 2500mm×3×1800mm
Weight of the platform 535kg
ZLP630 steel platform,the length is 6m
Technical Parameters
Mode no. ZLP630
Rated Load 630kg
Lifting Speed 9.6m/min
length of the suspending platform it can be adjusted within 1m-6m
Dimension of the platform 2000mm×3×1180mm
Weight of the platform 358kg
ZLP800 Hot Zinc-Plated Platform
ZLP800 Hot Zinc-Plated Platform
ZLP300 Aluminum Alloy Suspended Platform
The suspended platform with the load-limitted device and rope received device

single platform

ZLP630 steel platform
Special working Platform

ZLP300 working platform
ZLP630 working platform

The platform used for the American market
Bridge maintenance suspended platform, the max length is 32m
circle suspended platform(The size of the circle can adjust)
ZLP800 double rack Alumnium alloy suspending platform
Customerized platform
U suspended platform
90°assembly suspended platform
135° Assembly
120° Assembly
non-standard suspended platform
non-standard suspended platform
90° Assembly
Double rack assembly
Electric control cabine
Electric control system consists of many a few protection devices, e.g. auto-limited, electric leakage proof, overheat protection, sudden-stop, over-current protection, it is reliable and very easy to operate.
Platform-new hoist

LTD 6.3 hoist

LTD 6.3 hoist
Rated lifting load 6.3KN
Lifting speed 9.6±0.5m/min
Motor power  1.5Kw
Working theory a
steel  wire rope diameter ¢8.3mm-¢8.6mm
LTD8.0A hoist
LTD8.0A hoist
Rated lifting force 8KN
Lifting speed  8.2±0.5m/min
Motor power 2.2Kw
Working theory s
steel  wire rope diameter ¢8.6mm-¢9.2mm
Any one found copying patented product will be prosecuted .patent number ZL200620075269.7
LTD8.0B hoist

LTD8.0B hoist
Rated lifting force 8KN
Lifting speed  8.2±0.5m/min
Motor power 1.8Kw
Working theory a
steel  wire rope diameter ¢8.3mm-¢8.6mm
 New Hoist(Second Generation),the weight is 52kg.

Type LSG20 inclination-stoplock
Type LST20 inclination-stoplock
Type LST30 inclination-stoplock

Type LST20 inclination-stoplock

Allowable compact  force 20KN
adjusting range of rope lock angle 3°-8°
 rope lock distance ≤100mm
steel  wire rope dia ¢8.3mm-¢9.2mm
When the steel rope is broken, blocked, slip out of the hoist or the platform incline, the safety lock will lock the rope within 100mm.
This safety device is very advanced in our country.
Locked condition
Working condition
Safety rope、Fall arrester

special-purpose steel
Platform special-purpose steel rope φ8.3mm,φ8.6mm,φ9.2mm
Load-limitted device

 This device is designed according to the principle of the tensile force of steel wire rope, it can be adjusted in the range of 500-1000kg at will. when the rated load is over the max load of the suspended platform, the electric will be cut off automatically. This device is rare in the domestic market, it is also the technical patent of Wuxi Huake Machine Equipment CO,.LTD.
Cable threads

Five heavy-duty core cable threads



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